Liam Neeson Faces Danger in First Full Trailer for 'Retribution

Liam Neeson Faces Danger in First Full Trailer for ‘Retribution

A Stellar Cast Accompanies Neeson in this Tense Race Against Time

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Discover the new action thriller with Liam Neeson, ‘Retribution’, a remake of the successful 2015 Spanish thriller. In theaters on August 25.

Liam Neeson returns to the big screen in a desperate race against time in the first full trailer for ‘Rettribution’. Directed by Nimród Antal and produced by Lionsgate, the film, which will be released in theaters on August 25, is a remake of the Spanish thriller of the same name released in 2015.

In ‘Retribution’, Neeson plays Matt Turner, who, while driving with his children, receives a call from a mysterious man who informs him of a bomb in his vehicle. The bomb will explode if anyone leaves the car, which triggers a high-speed chase throughout the city.

In the trailer, Neeson, with his usual calm, informs of the situation: “Honey, something has happened. There’s a man who put a bomb in the car. Underneath our seats, there are pressure triggers. We can’t get out. The car will explode “. The tension increases when the anonymous interlocutor claims to have control of the situation, to which Neeson responds with a threat to protect his daughter.

‘Retribution’ features a script by Chris Salmanpour and Andrew Baldwin, and its plot evokes memories of the successful ‘Speed’ film from 1994. The cast includes Matthew Modine, Noma Dumezweni, Jack Champion, Lilly Aspell, and Embeth Davidtz. Andrew Rona, Alex Heineman, Jaume Collet-Serra, and Juan Sola are the producers of the project.

Neeson’s recent works include ‘Marlowe’, a crime film directed by Neil Jordan that premiered earlier this year and in which he plays private detective Philip Marlowe, created by Raymond Chandler. In 2022, Neeson starred in ‘Memory’ and ‘Blacklight’ and appeared on television series such as ‘D’erry Girls’ and ‘Atlanta’.

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